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Monday, 18 January 2010


Alex from germany

The most experienced candidate would have been McCain, woudn't he?
I'm an outsider, but Obama was the candidate against the Iraq war while Ms. Clinton was main undecided. Obama was more of a promise to change, Clinton more of the same establishment even though Democrat.

Richard Jeffrey Rothstein

There were many more experienced and anti-war Democratic candidates, including Hillary.  Like most Americans, you bought into the great Obama speeches--all of which have proven to be empty words.


As usual, I agree with you whole-heartedly on the anger while thinking that you go overboard on the Hilary bandwagon. Democrats will never fight for us, they're only the lesser of two evils. She wouldn't have done any more than Obama, and if the roles were reversed I bet Obama would also be the most gay friendly Sec of State we'd ever had with all of those harmless governmental policy directives, because the bar's set pretty fucking low. Politicians are politicians, doing whatever they need to to stay in office.


I tend to agree with Paul but I would go further to simply ask - When was the last time America the most qualified person to be president? Certainly not in our life time. As far as I can see the winner of the presidency has always been a compromise candidate.


Sorry meant to say When was the last time America ELECTED the most qualified person to be president?

Alan down in Florida

"At the end of the day, we have all (black and white, gay and straight) been hoodwinked by another politician who wants to be reelected regardless of the promises, policies and people trashed along the way."


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