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Thursday, 10 September 2009



Amen! But you don't really expect us to give up weekends of debauchery or endanger our job security to go march on Washington do you? This is the community of excess not sacrifice. That's why our failed advocacy groups keep doing so well. We'd rather just throw money at the problem.

Alan down in Florida

Just as the younger generation will ultimately reap the benefits of future gains, their complete and total ignorance of what we have lived through and what we've achieved that they take for granted is appalling. They don't know who Matthew Sheppard is, much less people like Frank Kameny.

If you don't know where you've been you can't know where you're going.


Rex: You have a great point, our own diverse community can't come together on issues that face us all. So we throw money at Advocacy groups who just spend the money,throw lavish parties, give out awards, etc. Meanwhile, the people in Washington can't agree on issues that face us.

Alan: There are a few of us (generation y) that are looking out and paying attention. I hope I don't speak for myself on that.


The sword of Damocles is a great little gem in history I did not know of. The christian revolution has done a lot to change history including erasing homosexuality... book burnings back in the day to public library bans now, to censorship of books under the constitution. Stories change and the best selling book in the world has been re-written and re-issued. I wonder why that is?

Obama just like any other politician campaigned on words, they are easy to sell and even yummier to digest. "Change" was a great slogan because of where we [the United States] had been. Change is inevitable but when will Obama's actions speak louder than his words? You're right Richard I feel like he does need a threat, not life threatening or anything dangerous but something that will hit him in the gut and make him look our way. Smacking him in the face with our sissy rights, or petty problems is not enough.

Richard Jeffrey Rothstein

In Classical Greece and during the Roman Empire, as well as in the courts of the Persian and Babylonian Empires, women were property and used for breeding.  Beautiful young men were used for entertainment and pleasure as well as companionship.  This was the norm.  When you actually study the religions of ancient Greece and Rome--not the Cliff Notes versions--you learn that the Gods all had as many male lovers as they did female lovers.  Google Hyakinthos.


The second march on dc in 87 was the most debauched weekend I had in since the autumn of 82. Get that message out on the QT (if we shout, the media will paint it as just another circuit party) attendance will skyrocket for this October’s gathering.

Richard, thanx for reminding me how great my Art History lecturer was in the classroom too.

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