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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Alex from Germany

You have a wrong approach to your president. Well, not you specifically, but many view Obama as a personal friend. He is an officer. Personal opinions of him do shape his actions less than the public opinion. Even if he is wholeheartly convinced of LGBT rights. He is not god. He is dependend on the press, congress, and different lobbies.
A good counter example to Obamas attitude is your Gov. Paterson. To me it seems, that, besides other reasons i don't know, his forceful advance of gay marriage legislation may have caused a mayor rift in your senate. the dems even lost their majority. Obama is cautious not to lose his highly valuable filibuster-proof majority.
The reasons i mentioned do not apply to DADT. In this case he is much the passiv. public opinion is vastly for abolishment of this law.
Do not lobby, Obama. Do lobby the public.
Lyndon Johnson ones said to King regarding Civil Rights: Make me do it.


Well put, well written. Powerful words.

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